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Sailing in the United Kingdom offers breathtaking nature and challenging routes. Natural paradises can be found in the Inner and Äu;eren Hebrides with its largest island, the Isle of Skye, and the coast in the north of Scotland with the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Experienced and all-weather sailors will find varied coastal landscapes and islands with exciting history for individual sailing. More touristy and busy, on the other hand, is the south of England in the Ärmelkanal. Southampton, Plymouth, Brighton – here lie popular port and coastal towns with extensive seafaring traditions. Rough coasts and lovely landscapes meet in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, where it is worthwhile not only in rough seas, also to look into the river lagoons.


Climate: temperateä&airplane;igt with temperatures between 8 and 20 degrees
. Winds:Northwest, westerly
Sailing season: May to September 


Yacht Charter United Kingdom

When sailing in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the coastal landscapes are especially captivating with their bizarre formations and nature. You will encounter seals, dolphins, puffins and it can also happen that a curious whale passes by the boat. But the British also have a long seafaring tradition and you will find just as many activities and sights that revolve around the theme. There are many old port towns as well as numerous beautiful fishing villages and natural harbors. The sea around Great Britain is an area for experienced sailors. Strong winds, changing weather and currents associated with the tidal range are the challenges here. Depending on which part of the UK you sail, the tidal range and associated currents vary. Between the Scottish mainland and the Orkney Islands, currents can even reach 15 knots.

From lively harbor towns to green, mystical landscapes - on a yacht charter in Southern England and Scotland

If you decide for the south of England, you can get to know its sailing center right away. From the traditional harbor city of Southampton, the Solent leads to the Isle of Wight, from where the famous Cowes Week Regatta is held. The coastline glows with its white chalk cliffs and rolling hills run along the island. Other nearby port cities include Portsmouth and Beaulieu in the river of the same name, and Lymington. Towards the west in the county of Dorset stretches the impressive Jurassic Coast, where the history of the earth can be read. On the southwest coast of England, the Gulf Stream brings mild temperatures where even palm trees grow. Rough coastlines meet beautiful bays with picturesque fishing villages.

On the northwest coast of Scotland, experienced sailors and outdoor enthusiasts will find both sailing challenges and a natural and scenic paradise on the Inner and Outer Hebrides. The archipelago consists of 500 islands, only a few of which are inhabited by humans. Instead, one encounters a rich fauna in the air and at sea. Equally numerous are finds and sites from the Viking Age and castles of the Scottish clans with a far-reaching, exciting history. Our base at Armadale is on the popular Isle of Skye, which can be sailed around in a week, weather permitting. If this is not possible, the Inner Sound and the lochs starting from here offer enough worth seeing. If you have more time and experience, you can sail to the Outer Hebrides.

From our starting port Inverness it is not far to the northernmost parts of Great Britain - the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Brochs, wheelhouses, hoards and standing stones are just some of the legacies of the Picts and Vikings who lived on the islands. Nature lovers in particular will find great coastal scenery as well as rare seabird species, and dolphins, seals and whales can be seen in the waters. Sailing here is especially dependent on the weather, it is an area for experienced and weather resistant crews.

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