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Our yacht charter harbors are located in the most beautiful areas of the Turkish and Greek Aegean Sea.

Experienced crews are drawn to the Cyclades archipelago for sporty sailing. Those looking for a relaxing sailing holiday with island hopping can leave from Athens directly to the Saronic Gulf. Here, families and even novice sailors will find a spot for relaxation and exercise. The Turkish and Greek locations in the south invite to cruises along the Turkish mainland coast or to the islands of the Dodecanese. For those who want it less touristy, the Northern Sporades offer green islands with small villages.

Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius
Winds: Meltemi
Sailing season: May to October

Yacht charter Aegean

The Aegean Sea is a side sea of the Mediterranean Sea and has developed more and more to a tourism focus. In addition to sun, beach and sea, vacationers will find recreation here. If you want to combine this with your hobby sailing, you can't go wrong with a yacht charter Aegean. Greece and Turkey border on the sea and both have varied coastlines and offshore islands of quite different character. If you want to visit both countries, you have to think about the clearance in and out, because there are more and more controls. For the start of the cruise we offer different bases, depending on which part of the Aegean you want to visit.

Relaxed sailing in the Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf west of Athens towards the Peloponnese offers much more relaxed conditions compared to the Cyclades, but still sailing fun. The Meltemi blows weaker here and you can sail in short distances. In addition, you have several islands to sail to here as well. The conditions are ideal for sailors who plan a relaxed trip and for families. Also here you can start from Lavrion near the Athens airport or from Athens and combine the trip with a visit to the capital.

In the gulf are the islands of Poros, Salamis, Aegina, Angistri and the Methana peninsula. On Salamis you can stop for a swim at the sandy beaches in the south or visit the agora and the ruins of the temple of Ajax. Poros just off the coast of the Peloponnese has a beautiful old town with a clock tower as a landmark, also sandy beaches and is the greenest of the islands. There are two parts of the island, the town is entirely on the small part and the larger island is separated from the small one by a channel. On the big island you can walk through pine forests, the northern part is even a bit mountainous. Aegina is located in the middle of the Saronic Gulf. Those interested in culture will find historical sights like the temple of Aphaia for the goddess Athena to visit or the temple of Apollo. The green west invites to hikes, there are also sandy beaches here, in the south, however, pebble beach. Angistri, the smallest inhabited island, is also the quieter, the crystal clear water invites you to snorkel, especially in the rockier bays, but there are also sandy beaches for sunbathing and swimming.

South of the Peloponnese, Hydra is also an island with a very beautiful old town. Even new buildings have to be built here in the traditional style. But it is not at all dusty here, because the city also has a lively nightlife. The coast of the island is rather rocky, there are no sandy beaches like on the above mentioned islands.
The island of Spetses is already located on the southern edge of the Argolic Gulf, which has other islands and mainland destinations ready for a longer cruise of two weeks. The town of Spetses consists of traditional houses as well as villas from the 18th century. Local heroine is Laskarina Bouboulina, who rendered service in the Greek War of Independence and was the first and only Greek woman to receive the rank of admiral, in the 18th century. Her house is now a museum where you can learn more about Bouboulina's exciting life.

Since the islands in the Saronic Gulf can be reached quickly by ferry from Athens, they are also popular with Athenians for weekend excursions. This also has an influence on the nightlife, so there are many restaurants, bars and discos.

Poros, Spetses or Hydra, the nearest island in the Saronic Gulf is not far. It offers a nice variety of beaches, bays and charming small towns. ©Max Topchii/AdobeStock


Sporty sailing in the Cyclades

The Cyclades archipelago south of Athens is a popular destination. In Mykonos, you can jump into the lively city life, with cruise tourists during the day and party tourists in the evening. Paros is a bit quieter, especially beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts have fun here. Syros impresses with its classicist architecture in the main town of Emopouli and with special icons and wood carvings in its many churches. On all islands you can dive into the history of Greece, because in ancient Greece they formed a cultic center around the holy island of Delos.
The area is more suitable for experienced crews, as there are jet effects between the islands and the Aegean north wind, the Meltemi, can quickly reach higher winds. The islands can be reached in daily stages. You can either start from one of the islands or from Lavrion on the Greek mainland, which is close to Athens airport.

Santorini in the Cyclades - one of our longing images of Greece. ©refresh(PIX)/AdobeStock


Tranquility and originality in the North of the Aegean Sea and the Northern Sporades

For those who prefer more tranquility and want to escape mass tourism, the coast of Macedonia and the Northern Sporades is recommended. On the peninsula Chalkidiki south of Thessaloniki there are beautiful beaches, small cozy coves, some of which are accessible only by sea, and monasteries with UNESCO World Heritage status. From Kavala you can reach green islands in the Thracian Sea, perfect for hiking, with waterfalls and healing springs like Thasos or Samothraki.

Green are also the islands of the Northern Sporades. From Volos on the mainland or Skiathos they reach the individual islands of the group like Alonisos or Skyros. In this area, travelers appreciate above all the tranquility and, since it is less characterized by tourism than the rest of the Aegean, also the originality. The islands offer beautiful bathing places and can be reached in short distances. The Meltemi blows weaker here than in the rest of the Aegean, but the wind can change direction quickly. Between the islands there are jet effects. In spring and early summer the Northern Sporades are also suitable for less experienced sailors and families. From Volos you can also find beautiful bays and ports of call in the protected Pagasäischen gulf, not only on the islands, which lie outside of the gulf. This area is also well doable with a week charter.

Small bay on the east side of Skyros near Linaria ©dinosmichail/AdobeStock


Close to the Turkish coast: the Southern Sporades with the Dodecanese

Plenty of sun can be found in the Southern Sporades with the islands of the Dodecanese off the Turkish coast. But you don't need to start from the Turkish mainland, bases on Kos and Rhodes make clearing in and out unnecessary. The Meltemi blows stronger here in summer, in spring and autumn usually only up to 4 Beaufort. The harbors are only short distances away. For more starting points and destinations in other areas of Greece, see our Ionian Sea page.

On Rhodes, antiquity and the Middle Ages meet at the Acropolis of Lindos ©saiko3p/AdobeStock

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