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The North Sea is an attractive but also demanding sailing area. Here, the tides, currents and weather fluctuations pose challenges, so it is largely an area for experienced sailors, but less experienced ones will also find suitable areas here. Along the North Sea lie varied coasts, impressive like the Norway with its fjord landscapes or green and wild like on the islands off Scotland. On the coast of Belgiums long sandy beaches stretch along and from here also Northern FranceSüdengland or the Netherlands are not far. For less experienced sailors, inland waters like the Ijsselmeer and the Frisian Lake District in the Netherlands are a good alternative.  

Climate: temperateä&aerospace;igt with temperatures depending on the region between 5 and 22 degrees
. Winds:West, Northwest
Sailing season: May to September

Yacht charter North Sea

The North Sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean and is connected with it in the west with the English Channel, in the north it meets the North Atlantic Ocean via the Norwegian Sea. There is also a connection in the northeast via Skagerrak to the Baltic Sea. These connections can create strong currents, for example off the Belgian coast, where the Atlantic from the north pushes water southward, which meets currents from the English Channel from the west. Since the North Sea is a tidal region, this also gives rise to currents. The North Sea is a shelf sea with an average depth of only 94 meters. In combination with the tides, this creates shallow water areas. The wind also influences the area and can bring high swells with storms and hurricanes. These factors make the North Sea a demanding area and therefore popular with experienced sailors. But also less experienced sailors can find areas where sailing is more protected.

Yacht charter North Sea - Norwegian fjord landscape, water sports and long sandy beaches in Belgium, inland sea sailing in the Netherlands, history and nature in Scotland

From our bases in Zeebrugge and Nieuwpoort you can set off for cruises along the Belgian coast with its numerous seaside resorts and long sandy beaches. Zeebrugge is close to the beautiful medieval city of Bruges, which is a highlight of the region. Heading east, you can quickly reach the Dutch border and continue your cruise in Zeelan and Zuid-Holland. Nieuwpoort in the west of Belgium has a huge marina with 1500 berths and is a center of water sports. From here, a trip to northern France, for example to Dunkirk or Calais, is a good option. Those who have the appropriate equipment and experience can also sail to the south coast of England.

Impressive landscapes meet you at the southwest coast of Norway. From Bergen or Haugesund you can start your trip to the offshore archipelago and the special fjord landscapes of the region. Numerous archaeological sites and museum villages bring to mind the time of the Vikings. Famous rock formations like the Preikestolen can be found here and the city of Bergen offers many opportunities for going out and cultural events.

If you want to escape the wild North Sea, you can also take a cruise in the beautiful IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. The former Zuiderzee became an inland lake after diking. In the it is now called the IJsselmeer, in the south it is the Markermeer. From Lelystadt, on the border of the two lake areas, you can reach the picturesque surrounding fishing villages such as Edam, Marken and Volendam. Popular destinations are also the former islands Schokland and Urk. Lemmer in the northern IJsselmeer is close to the Frisian Lake District. Via canals you can sail here from lake to lake through the inland. Thematically, a tour of the eleven cities of Friesland, which were granted city rights in the Middle Ages, is a good idea. They are located on the IJsselmeer, on the inland lakes and one also on the North Sea.

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