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Explore the largest of the Windward Islands, Martinique, the Island of Flowers, with its lush rainforest, towns marked by colonial architecture, and beautiful bays and coral reefs. For this, Le Marin, one of the largest ports in the Caribbean, offers a wide range of yachts and a very good supply structure to start. Martinique is in the middle of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, and from here you can either head north for a cruise to the islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe or sail south to St. Lucia and the Grenadines.

Climate: tropical with temperatures between 22 and 30 degrees
Winds: northeast trade winds
Sailing season: all year round with attention to the hurricane season from June to October

Yacht charter Martinique

The island Martinique belongs as an overseas department to France and is also part of the European Union. Therefore German citizens need only an identity card for the direct entry, which should be valid for 6 months after entry. However, if you enter via third countries, you should be in possession of a valid passport, as there could also be identity checks when changing planes. And even if you want to visit the surrounding islands, like St. Lucia, which is independent, you will need a passport for entry. No visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days. For more and up-to-date information on Martinique, please visit the website of the German Foreign Office. Since the islands of the Lesser Antilles belong to different countries, you have to clear in and out of the country, but this is usually easy.

For shopping on the island no money needs to be changed, because the local currency is the Euro. Another currency on the other islands is the East Caribbean dollar, also US dollars are mostly accepted. The official language is French, among locals you can hear a creole language based on French, Martinique Creole.

A steady trade wind blows around the island, and strong winds can occur between the islands and at the capes. The pleasant air and water temperatures make the area attractive all year round, but hurricanes occur from June to October.

Information about the marina Le Marin and the surrounding area can be found on our location page Martinique.

Sailing around Martinique and to the Windward Islands

Starting point is the Marina Le Marin in the south of the island, a sailing center of the Caribbean, in whose bay there is already a lot to discover. A little further south is the village of Sainte Anne. Since this place is the second largest tourist center after Le Marin, you will also find a good supply structure here. Here at the harbor there is also a fruit and vegetable market as well as a fish market. The area is known for its beautiful beaches. For families and surfers, for example, the Anse aux Bois, for snorkeling about Anse Grosse Roche and the popular Grand Anse des Salines. At the latter is also a salt lake, which still reminds of the past industry of the island, the salt production. Another was sugar cane cultivation. The plantations no longer exist, but some of the historic buildings are still preserved and are listed. The Savane des Pétrifications is a special landscape with petrified trees. From the Prunes beach, a route goes through the Savane to the higher Pointe d'Enfer, from which there is a beautiful distant view.

The capital Fort-de-France is located in the west in the bay of the same name and is one of the largest cities in the Lesser Antilles. Accordingly, it is lively and characterized by a mix of European and African influences due to its colonial history. At the various markets you can find local products and taste local Creole specialties. In the city you can see and visit monuments, houses and public buildings from the French colonial period, such as the headless monument to the wife of Emperor Napoleon Joséphine, who was born in Martinique. Not far from Fort-de-France is the beautiful botanical garden Jardin de Balata, where you can get a good overview of the local flora. On the other side of the bay are some resorts with beautiful beaches.

The north of the island is covered by rainforest. Here you can hike along the slopes of Montagne Pelée, an active volcano, and find out about its activities at a visitor center. It is also the highest peak on the island. There are also numerous waterfalls on its slopes. In the north-east, Saint-Joseph is the largest forest zone in Martinique and you can walk through dense rainforest along various river courses and admire the diversity of vegetation. It is not for nothing that the locals call the island "Madinina" - island of flowers.

It is also interesting to visit the former capital Saint-Pierre in the north-west of the island. It was a center in the Caribbean before it was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1902. It was then rebuilt on the ruins. Two museums provide information about former city life and the eruption of the volcano. Those interested in painting can immerse themselves in the life and work of Paul Gauguin, who lived and painted on Martinique for several months, in a museum in Le Carbet.

On the island there are good anchorages and dinghies in almost every bay. On the east coast, there are many small peninsulas and islands to explore and relax. There is also a wide range of water sports such as surfing, kayaking, diving and water skiing. White sandy beaches with palm trees and clear turquoise waters, where there is plenty to see, accompany the sailor in this area.
If you are interested in rum, you can visit a distillery here, of which there are particularly many in Martinique.

The Round Martinique Regatta or Tour Martinique is a competition sailing in three stages around the island, which takes place annually in February. The regatta is suitable for both amateurs and experienced sailors and is intended for keelboats and cruising boats over 24 feet (7.25 m).

A classic Windward Islands cruise starts in Marin Le Marin and heads south from here to the Grenadines. For more information see our Windward Islands area page.

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