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In southwestern Turkey, there is a region with a surprisingly diverse coastline, alternating lovely green bays with those framed by rugged cliffs. The Turkish Aegean has long been more than just a starting point to the Greek islands on your doorstep - it's a great place to sail!

Climate: Mediterranean
Wind (in the Aegean): Meltemi
Coast length: 8333 km (including Black Sea and Sea of Marmara)
Sailing season: April to end of October

Yacht charter in Turkey - sailing in the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara

Turkey is indeed a popular destination for both European holidaymakers and sailing enthusiasts..They are attracted to Turkey repeatedly because of the opportunity to enjoy a diverse yacht charter experience.

When embarking on a yacht charter in Turkey, you will encounter a coastline that offers a wide range of landscapes. You can discover picturesque sandy beaches, serene bays, ruffed rocky areas, and lush green sections.

Yachtsmen in Turkey particularly appreciate the mild climate, the stunning resorts, the warm Turkish hospitality, and the abundance of historical landmarks in the country. For many, a yacht charter in Turkey is not only a delightful experience in itself but also serves as an ideal starting point for a journey to the nearby Greek islands in the Aegan Sea.

The best sailing areas for a yacht charter in Turkey

The sailing areas in Turkey are unquestionably some of the most stunning in the world. Each day, you can embark on an exciting new journey without ever growing tired of the breathtaking scenery and rich cultural offerings.

Our yacht charter bases in Turkey are situated in the southwest region of the country. An excellent starting point for a sailing trip is Yalikavak, which serves as a gateway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. Located in the northeast on the Bodrum Peninsula, Yalikavak is an ideal location for a yacht charter in Turkey, particularly if you wish to explore the archipelago near the coast and venture to the Greek islands on a cruise.

You should not miss the beautiful city of Marmaris, where you will also find one of our bases for a yacht charter in Turkey, allowing you to sail directly into the western Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, Rhodes is located not far from Marmaris.

At the base Fethyie, you can choose from a wide range of yachts for your yacht charter in Turkey. From here, you can start your journey to Rhodes or explore the southwest of Turkey.

If you wish to sail along the diverse islands and bays of the Lycian coast, we recommend our base in Gocek. A particularly popular option here is a short trio to the beautiful Cleopatra Bay or embarking on a longer sailing journey to Rhodes.

Yacht charter Turkey - optimal sailing conditions in spring and autumn

The best time for a yacht charter in Turkey is from April to the end of October. The hottest months in Turkey are July and August. However, in spring or autumn, the sailing conditions in Turkey are particularly optimal. Even well into autumn, you can still enjoy a yacht charter in Turkey with pleasant day and water temperatures, and have the opportunity to visite oriental bazaars or ancient sites. A bathing tip is to sail betweenthe towns of Çesme and Antalya, where you will find the most beautiful bays for swimming.

Our service for your yacht charter in Turkey

Our team at 1a Yachtcharter Agency is dedicated to providing expert guidance for your upcoming yacht charter in Turkey. We're here to assist you in selecting both the perfect vessel and the ideal sailing area to meet your individual needs.
We pride ourselves on our vast network, which includes a multitude of boat owners. This enables us to provide a wide variety of boats, catamarans, sailing or motor yachts, and trimarans to accommodate the entire family. Whether you have specific size requirements or comfort preferences, we're more than happy to help you book the right yacht charter in Turkey.
Begin enjoying your Turkish yacht charter experience from the very first minute. Allow us to attend to your needs comprehensively, via mail or over the phone. Once your booking is confirmed, you'll receive detailed charter folders and suggested itineraries for your planned yacht charter in Turkey, ensuring a smoth and enjoyable sailing adventure. 

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