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The archipelagos off Stockholm on the east coast and Gothenburg on the west coast are Sweden's most popular sailing destinations. Here you can experience the vast nature of the ice age landscape of thousands of islands.

Coast length: 3218 km
Islands: 221800
Marinas: 452
Sailing season: June-August

Yacht charter Sweden

As a sailor you are in good hands in Sweden - countless small guest and nature harbors are located along Sweden's diverse coasts and on the thousands of islands of the archipelago. For your yacht charter Sweden we have selected easily accessible destinations in the most beautiful sailing areas of the west and east coast.

The West Swedish archipelago stre tches from Stromstad at the Norwegian border to Varberg in the south. The beautiful metropolis of Gothenburg lies in the center of this area and is the gateway for a cruise through the rugged and fascinating archipelago labyrinth.

Thousands of islands lie in the approximately 100 km long archipelago off Stockholm, which turns into a true sailor's paradise in the summer. In the archipelago you will find a large number of beautiful inns and accommodations, because even those who do not sail like to spend their vacations here - with one of the classic excursion boats, which you will certainly encounter here frequently. Of course, as a sailor you can also enjoy the quiet anchorages and the smaller islets - pure idyll.

But it is not enough for the Swedes to sail only off their coasts - through the Göta Canal it is even possible to sail across the country from the west to the east coast. And the Swedish sailors do not even stop at the winter cold, because then they devote themselves to ice sailing. The main sailing season is of course the summer, especially during the national summer vacations. If you want to reach a certain sailing destination at this time, a reservation can be helpful. In general, however, you can adapt to Swedish serenity and trust that a place will be found for everyone.

There is no shortage of good anchorages in Sweden - and the Everyman's Right basically allows you to moor anywhere. However, during your yacht charter Sweden trip please pay attention to notices regarding e.g. nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, where mooring or driving with engine might be prohibited. Fishing is allowed everywhere, also mushrooms and berries may be collected. And if you catch nothing, you can get fresh smoked fish in the next port.

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