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A yacht charter in Italy offers suitable sailing areas for both sportive sailors and those looking for relaxation and family holidays. Due to the mild climate and varied island landscapes there are many popular cruising grounds, especially on the western side of Italy.

Each coastal region has its own character: Whether Liguria with the lovely Italian Riviera and the steep coast of the Cinque Terre, Tuscany with the Maremma plain and the Tuscan island archipelago around Elba, whether Campania with its charming villages on the Amalfi Coast and historical sites such as Pompeii and Herculanaeum, Sicily with its active volcanic landscape where the four elements meet, or Sardinia, with the Maddalena Archipelago National Park and its beautiful beaches.

Climate: mild on the Riviera, Mediterranean in the south and on the islands
Winds: Tramontana, Scirocco, Libeccio and Mistral
Sailing season: April to October

Yacht Charter Italy

From idyllic coastlines to sizzling landscapes

Italy is a very popular destination, especially among German vacationers. It is very easy to reach, whether by plane or by car, and offers with its varied landscapes many opportunities for a nice vacation cruise. But not only the mainland of Italy attracts with its prominent vacation paradises. With its 7600 km of coastline, the "boot" also has very beautiful island worlds.

Those who want to avoid the tourist crowds will find popular regions such as the Amalfi Coast or the north coast of Sardinia quieter in spring and autumn. Especially in spring, when the coasts are in full bloom, Italy offers a nice start to the sailing season. Less experienced sailors, families and pleasure sailors will find many beautiful areas on the mainland coast and the offshore smaller island groups, as well as experienced sailors with trips to Corsica sporty routes.

Italy has pleasant temperatures from April to October, depending on the region. The Tramontana is the prevailing wind from the mainland, bringing cooler air. In summer, the Scirocco from the south brings warm, dry air and Saharan dust. Libeccio and Mistral blow without hindrance from the northwest and southwest, especially on the west coast of Sardinia and Corsica.


Ligurian Sea: Italian Riviera and the beautiful coast of Cinque Terre

The bases in the Ligurian Sea are particularly suitable for sailors who want to combine both Italy and France in their cruise. From the French border it stretches between Corsica and the Italian Riviera and Tuscany past to the island of Elba. In the north, the coastline is more lovely, as the names suggest: Palm and Flower Riviera. Here on the Riviera di Ponente west of Genoa, flowery coastlines, fine sandy beaches and pretty villages lie side by side. If you want to include a city trip, you can start from Genoa and visit the magnificent city with its palazzi. Those who prefer it more quiet, start from Loano.
East of Genoa stretches the Riviera di Levante. Here, the mountains shape the coast and produce scenic stretches such as the Cinque Terre. This region is popular for its villages with colorful houses that sit on cliffs above the sea and offer picturesque scenery, especially from the water. Lavagna and La Spezia are also suitable starting points here.

The area is also suitable for sailors with less experience in the high season. Here the marinas are close to each other, so that in short distances a port is always accessible. Only the Libeccio can be stronger in the low season from the southwest.

Experience Liguria's varied coastal landscapes from the water, like the Cinque Terre. Andrew Mayovskyy/AdobeStock


Tuscany and its islands

The bases in Tuscany not only offer good food to start your cruise in a region popular for its cuisine, but also the opportunity for island hopping. Here lies the Tuscan Archipelago with its seven islands, including Elba as the best known, and also not far away the French island of Corsica, which can be included in a longer cruise. As starting points on the mainland, Castiglioncello, San Vincenzo or Puntone di Scarlino, for example, are ideal.
The island of Elba, under the protection of Corsica, is also a nice destination for families and less experienced sailors. Closely linked to Napoleon, on the island you can trace his destiny in museums and his two villas. On Elba and the other islands you can find beautiful beaches, interesting diving spots and each of them has its own scenic character. On Elba, the different marinas captivate with their picturesque waterfront promenades and the charm of small fishing villages. Colorful little houses and playful coastal areas are characteristic of the famous island, where the Porto Longone fortress is located, which today serves as a prison.

Experienced sailors can cross to Cap Corse and sail along the rugged west coast of Corsica, where, however, the mistral blows stronger. Those who like it quieter sail along the more sheltered east coast and head for the island's long beaches.

Enjoy the quiet corners of Italy, Elba also invites hiking. Natalia Danecker/AdobeStock


The Amalfi Coast and island cruises to the Campania and Pontine archipelagos.

Between Naples and Salerno lies the popular Amalfi Coast, with its steep cliffs, terraced slopes and charming little towns. Here the seafaring tradition goes back a long way and there are many ports to call at. Especially from the water, the coast offers the most beautiful sight. Friendly, small towns in bright colors like Positano and Amalfi invite you to stroll and linger. In seaside resorts like Maiori, Minori and Praiano you will find beautiful sandy beaches for swimming and sunbathing. In the fjord of Furore you sail through imposing cliffs and gorges.

In the Gulf of Naples, less experienced sailors will find calm conditions for a trip to the Campanian Archipelago or the Amalfi Coast. The volcanic islands of Procida and Ischia are very close to Naples. Ischia is known for its thermal baths and rare plants and birds can be spotted in the Vivara nature reserve. Procida itself has beautiful churches, a noble palace and the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo with its impressive library. The famous island of Capri, with its iconic needle rocks and Grotta Azzurra, is also part of the archipelago. The Pontine Islands, with the main island of Ponza and five other islands, are also not far away and popular as a destination. A nearby location for these island archipelagos is also Castellamare di Stabia.

The Amalfi Coast is even more beautiful from the water, as seen here near Positano. Aleh Varanishcha/AdobeStock


Sardinia and Sicily - island life, beaches and volcanoes.

The two largest islands in the Mediterranean offer sights worth seeing for more than one cruise. Scenically, Sicily and the Lipari archipelago are characterized by the active volcanoes Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano, from which the name is derived. They are the highlights of the area and from the boat you can also see lava streams flowing into the sea. Due to the southern location, it is a good place to start the sailing season in spring, as the islands are a special sight just at the time of flowering. The marinas in Portorosa, Capo d'Orlando and Milazzo are located just off the archipelago. From the south or west of Sicily, you can also include the island of Malta on a longer cruise.

Italy is not only lovely coastline, but also bizarre lunar landscape due to its many still active volcanoes, like here on Sicily. ©Sergii Figurnyi/AdobeStock


Sardinia is a great place for sailors looking for beaches, good food and island life. To the north, the Maddalena archipelago features fine sandy beaches in turquoise bays and beautiful anchorages to linger. Experienced sailors can sail from here to Corsica and head for the Lavezzi archipelago and the town of Bonifacio, which towers imposingly above the sea on steep rocky cliffs. Things are more sophisticated on the Costa Smeralda, where marinas offer a bit of luxury yacht sightseeing. The coast also offers many bays and small fishing villages to explore. Starting ports in the north are for example Portisco, Cannigione and Olbia.
About the well-known north one should not forget however the likewise beautiful south of Sardinia, above all who likes it rather more calmly. On the island of San Pietro southwest of Sardinia shows a more original face of the island beyond mass tourism. Shallow coasts with beaches in the east, rocky coasts and grottos in the west, bays for snorkeling, opportunities for windsurfing and kitesurfing - there is a great variety on this small island. From the capital Carloforte, the sights in the south of Sardinia are also easy to reach. Another starting port in the south of Sardinia is Cagliari.

The Maddalena archipelago in the north of Sardinia invites for swimming, diving and snorkeling. ©Igor Tikhonov/AdobeStock

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