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Thailand is a dream destination for sailors in Southeast Asia. Mystical, half-grown temple sites, golden Buddhas, fabulous food, lots of islands with white sandy beaches and clear water – beach goers, as well as divers, snorkelers and culture vultures will find employment here.

In the Andaman Sea from Phuket and in the Gulf of Thailand from Koh Chang, you can enjoy the beaches on paradise islands during the drier winter months. For those interested in sporty sailing, the summer months offer up to 20 knots with southwest monsoons.

Climate: tropical with temperatures between 24 and 33 degrees
Winds: northeast or southwest monsoon
Sailing season: all year round, best sailing time from October to April

Yacht charter Thailand

From Germany there are direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket. For entry German citizens need a passport, which should be valid for 6 months upon arrival. For a stay of 30 days no visa is required. However, a visa might be required if the traveler cannot prove his onward travel with documents. Further and current information can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office.

During the winter months the winds are stable and the weather is sunny and dry. If you want it more sporty, you will find wind speeds of up to 20 knots coming from the southwest during the summer months. However, this is also the period of the rainy season and heavy and long showers must be expected. Depending on the prevailing wind, anchoring options must also be considered. For example, in the southwest monsoon during the summer months, anchoring should be done on the east coast of Phuket. Also, some islands cannot be approached at this time and the sea can get very rough.

Bizarre landscapes and beach vacations in the Andaman Sea

Your yacht charter in the Andaman Sea will start from Marina Yacht Haven in the northeast of Phuket. Phuket has developed into the sailing center of Thailand and now boasts four marinas. The largest island of Thailand is currently the northeast monsoon from December to April ideal for swimming and enjoying the great beaches. Since the Sarasin Bridge is closed and charter companies do not allow sailing into the open sea, Phang Nga Bay is the area to explore with its special features. Here, high, bizarre cliffs rise out of the sea and characterize the coastal landscape. Caves have formed in the limestone cliffs and can be visited. The bay is part of a Marine National Park, which attracts snorkelers and divers from all over the world. The bay is also home to the James Bond island, Ko Phing Kan. Scenes for "The Man with the Golden Gun" with Roger More and Christopher Lee were filmed here.

Further southeast, Rai Le Beach Krabi offers great beaches for swimming and snorkeling and watching brave cliff jumpers. Off Krabi are islands like Ko Lanta and Ko Mook, which also have beautiful beaches for relaxing.

From Krabi you can head southwest to the Phi Phi islands. They are among the most beautiful islands in Thailand, so you should not skip them. Scenes for the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio were also shot here.

On the way you will encounter one or another village built on stilts, you can visit bustling and colorful markets with delicious Thai food, make your way on land through tropical rainforests and visit ancient temples.

Limestone coastline and small bays with white beaches characterize the landscape on Thailand's Andaman Sea coast. ©Tee11/Fotolia


Yacht charter vacation in the Gulf of Thailand

If you would rather explore the Gulf of Thailand, you can start your yacht charter in Koh Chang, an island southeast of Bangkok and near the Cambodian border. Elephant Island, as the name translates, has not yet been taken over by mass tourism and is therefore a good start for a relaxing vacation. Thailand's second largest island offers gorgeous sandy beaches on the west side, such as the popular White Sand Beach. Things are a little quieter at Klong Prao.

But also on the more natural east side you can find small bays and therefore less tourists. The side is part of a national park. The interior of the island is covered by rainforest, where nature lovers can discover waterfalls and a rich biodiversity. The Hin Luk Bat coral reef is popular with divers and snorkelers, and tours to shipwrecks are also available. On the way around Koh Chang and on the neighboring islands you will always encounter small villages on stilts, which are worth a visit.

In the Gulf of Thailand, during the northeast monsoon from October to April is the best time for sailing, as it is drier then. During the southwest monsoon, rough seas and long rain showers must be expected. Basically, you have to pay attention to the tides.

Buddhism is still present in the everyday life of the Thai people. Visit the ancient temple sites with their golden pagodas and Buddha statues. ©parntawan1987/Fotolia

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