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The beaches of the Seychelles are considered the most beautiful on earth, and the diving areas of the archipelago spectacular. Due to the islands' remotetness, fog, coastal and mangrove forests hold biological treasures that can be found nowhere else. These are all great reasons to visit this paradise of abandant water and limited land, which is best discovered by sailing! 

You can launch from the islands of Mahé and Praslin

Climate: tropical with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees
Winds: monsoon
Sailing season: all year round, best in the dry season from May to October

Yacht charter Seychelles

The Seychelles, a sailing dream area, are located about 1600 km east of the African coast in the Indian Ocean. The islands of the archipelago, sparsely populated except for the main island Mahé, extend over a huge sea area, so that most sailors will limit themselves to the so-called "Inner Islands". Besides Mahé, these include Praslin and La Digue with their smaller side islands. You can find tips for sailing in the Seychelles on the two location pages.

Arrival: From Germany, direct flights are sometimes offered, for example from Frankfurt, usually there is a change in Paris. Depending on the duration of the change, it takes about 10 hours to reach the main island of Mahé. Here is the international airport, from which one can fly with a propeller plane also further to Praslin.

The beaches of the Seychelles are among the most beautiful in the world, like Anse Lazio on Praslin. ©naturenow/AdobeStock


Culture and nature in the Seychelles

Until the 18th century, the 115 islands of the Seychelles were completely uninhabited, so that a unique nature could be preserved here, above and under water. The huge coral reefs are world famous diving spots and the islands are rich in endemic animal and plant species. Explore the interior of the islands as well, hiking or biking. Hike through the Vallée de Mai World Heritage Site on Praslin or on one of the hiking trails on Mahé. Here, for example, the Copolia Trail leads to a vantage point from which you have a view of the coast with Victoria and Eden Island as well as the islands in front of them. In the botanical garden in Victoria you can also get a collected overview of the flora of the islands. In the orchid garden next to it, more than 100 different species grow.

The culture of Seychelles is shaped by the influence of various peoples and nations who laid claim to the islands in the past, coming here voluntarily or involuntarily. These include, most notably, the French, who first settled the island, Africans, who were brought to the island as slaves, and the British, who took over the islands from the French as a crown colony in the 19th century. Since 1976, the Seychelles have been an independent republic. In the capital, Victoria, the British influence is evident in the architecture, such as the clock tower, which is a replica of Little Ben in London, and the courthouse. In addition, left-hand traffic prevails in the Seychelles. Culinary wise, the Seychelles are also an interesting mix of Asian, African and European cuisine.

Climate and sailing conditions

The prevailing wind direction changes seasonally from the northwest monsoon (December to March) to the southeast monsoon (May to September) with intervening rather calm periods. The best sailing season is May to October. Regular rain showers are the price to pay for the islands' lush vegetation, but the very pleasant year-round air and water temperatures provide the right balance. The Seychelles are a tidal area, so when anchoring in the beautiful bays, the tides must be respected. Due to the longer distances between the islands and demanding winds Seychelles is an exciting area for experienced sailors and crews. Due to relatively balanced day and night phases it is advisable to look for an anchorage early.

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