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Sailing summer 2024

Yacht vacation for everyone - with skipper on board

Hey, do you want to sail, but have no idea how? Then you've come to the right place! You will experience the feeling of living on a yacht - pure freedom. You determine the crew of up to 8 people - your friends people - your friends, your family, your team! We do the rest. Bruno, our experienced skipper, sails the yacht along the Croatian coast. Bay cruising, city trips, sports in the water and on land, culinary insider tips, tourist hotspots - on your dream cruise through Croatia's waters.

Bay strolling along the Dalmatian coast - just carefree! #neverskiptheskipper

"The guests on board can enjoy their trip completely relaxed. I always keep an eye on the weather I always keep an eye on the weather, take care of our evening mooring and ensure safety on board. on board."

Bruno, skipper

Briefly about Bruno - your skipper

Bruno Sinković
  • 27 years
  • Master in Education and Sailing
  • Skipper since 2020
  • Swimming instructor since 2020
  • Sports enthusiast, especially hiking, snorkeling, diving
  • Bruno speaks Croatian (native language) and English fluently. German he understands without any problems and is constantly working to speak it better and better.

"In my third year at the university (2018), I came into contact with sailing during my studies, it immediately captivated me and the next semester I took it as my major!"

Bruno, skipper

"One nautical mile is equal to 1.852 kilometers. Roughly speaking, one can say that on a sailing yacht one covers about 5 nautical miles in one hour. This figure is determined by the wind and weather conditions and therefore serves only as a guide."

Marvin, 1a Yacht Charter

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Marvin Kather
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  • Our team with now more than 20 employees always has the best service in mind
  • Your contact person is Marvin, one of the managers of 1a Yachtcharter
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call him, if he is prevented, the other colleagues will take care of you, or Marvin will call you back.
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