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From the Flensburg Fjord to Usedom or Swinemünde, from the Swedish Archipelago to the Danish South Sea - with us you can visit the most beautiful yacht charter regions of the Baltic Sea. They all combine varied coasts with reliable sailing conditions.

Climate: temperate with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius
Sailing season: June - September

Yacht charter in the Baltic Sea - sailing in a diverse area

The sailing area of the Baltic Sea is unique in its diversity. On the one hand culturally, around the more than 400.000 sqkm large inland sea several countries are close to each other, where you can start your trip with a yacht charter Baltic Sea, for example Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Estonia. On the German coast there are small and large marinas and cities within short distances. So there are many opportunities for interesting shore excursions. The different stretches of coast offer varied landscapes, from the flat Fjord coast to the Mecklenburg Bay with its many inlets and larger towns to the Bodden coast.dten to the Bodden coast, where several nature reserves are located, beautiful steeper coasts such as the cliffs on Rügen and the various historic Hanseatic cities.

The Baltic Sea is considered one of the best sailing areas with good wind conditions, but it is also a demanding one, for example due to the busy shipping traffic. But although the Baltic Sea is rather a sailing area for experienced sailors, there are always sections along the coast for less experienced and beginners - whether in the Schlei or the Bodden landscape, for example, you can also experience the diversity here. If you are just starting out in sailing or would like to expand your practice, you will also find many sailing schools along the German coast.

Along the German Baltic Sea coast

The Baltic Sea coast in Germany spans over 2,000 km long. It commences in the west with the Fjord coast, which is a popular sailing area. THis section of the German Baltic Sea coast shares its border with the Danish Baltic Sea coast, making a two-country trip along the mainland coast of Denmark, or to the islands of Langeland and Als, an enticing prospect. The historic city of Flensburg, conveniently located near the boarder, serves as the nearest starting point. Here, an inland cruise is also a viable option.The Schlei meanders inland to Schleswig and transports you back to Viking times with the renowed site of Haithabu. In the east, Heiligenhafen and Großenbrode offer a variety of yachts to sail to the Danish South Sea or on a short trip around the island of Fehmarn. The Fjord coast is an extremely varied sailing area where you will find beaches for swimming, towns for strolling and green landscapes for walks and hikes.

The Fjord Coast - two-country cruise, to the Vikings and on a city trip to Flensburg and Kiel

On the German Baltic Sea coast, for example, the Fjord Coast sailing area is popular. Here the German Baltic Sea coast borders on the Danish Baltic Sea coast, so that a two-country trip along the mainland coast of Denmark or to the islands Langeland and Als is a good idea. The nearest starting port to the border is the traditional city of Flensburg. A trip to an inland area is also possible here. The Schlei meanders inland to Schleswig and takes you back in time to the Vikings with the famous site of Haithabu. In the east, Heiligenhafen and Großenbrode offer a variety of yachts to sail to the Danish South Sea or on a short trip around the island of Fehmarn. The Fjord coast is an extremely varied sailing area where you will find beaches for swimming, towns for strolling and green landscapes for walks and hikes. Another interesting route for a yacht charter across the Baltic Sea is via the Danish islands of Langeland and Als to the Bay of Kiel, from where it continues along the coast to the island of Fehmarn.

Mecklenburg Bay - Wismar, Rostock and sandy beaches

East of the fjord coast is the Mecklenburg Bay. It is centrally located on the German Baltic Sea coast and from here you can reach many areas, if you cannot decide before starting your cruise. The Mecklenburg Bay is the largest German Baltic Sea bay and here are beautiful Hanseatic towns that invite you to visit. So you can make a trip to the Wismar Bay. The old town of Wismar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The very well preserved Bothmer Castle from the Baroque period and its gardens are also worth a trip. Short distances between the ports give many opportunities for mooring. However, since an international shipping route runs along here, this is not an area for novice sailors because of the heavy shipping traffic. Other bays are Lübeck Bay, Neustadt Bay and Boltenhagen Bay. Tranquil is the island of Poel, which is perfect to explore by bike. You can take a guided tour of the Langenwerder bird sanctuary or learn about the legends surrounding the island on the Legend Route.

You can start from Burgtiefe or Großenbrode in the west of the bay and include the island of Fehmarn, or you can start in the Lübeck Bay from Neustadt. The base in the east is Warnemünde, from where you can start your cruise with stops at bathing beaches or visiting the city of Rostock. Across the Mecklenburg Bay, the Danish South Sea with Lolland and Falster is also not far away.

Along the Bodden coast to Hanseatic cities, to Rügen and Usedom

To the east again, from Stralsund to Szczecin, the Bodden coast follows. Here are nature reserves like the nature park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft or the national park Jasmund with a special flora and fauna. The island of Rügen impresses with its white chalk coast, Darß and Fischland have always been popular for their beautiful sandy beaches and dune landscapes. Likewise the island of Usedom, which can be explored well by bike or on hikes. If you are interested in history or more of a city hopping, you will find this in the several Hanseatic cities that are located here, such as Stralsund, Greifswald and Szczecin. You can also charter a yacht just over the Polish border in Swinemünde and sail along the German coast from the east.

Sailing in the Danish South Sea: family vacation and island hopping

Popular areas in Denmark are the Little and Great Belt, through which you can make a round trip around the island of Funen, and the Danish South Sea south of Funen. Starting points are Kerteminde in the west of Funen, Dyvig on the island of Als and Juelsminde on the mainland north of Funen - the island world of Denmark is open to you from all three. You can also reach the Danish South Sea from Flensburg in Germany.

In the north of Funen you will find sandy beaches for swimming, the game reserve in the Odense Fjord invites you to observe animals and there are stops in many picturesque villages around the island. In the Great Belt you can also cross over to Zealand. Fyn also surrounds many smaller islands that you can explore. To the south lies the so-called Danish South Sea with about 50 islands in the shelter of Fyn. Especially families and less experienced sailors appreciate this relaxed part of the Baltic Sea.

Sweden - city trip and idyllic island life

Two other popular sailing areas for a yacht charter on the Baltic Sea are the Gothenburg Archipelago, where the Baltic Sea borders the North Sea, and the Stockholm Archipelago. Combine your yacht charter with a trip to the two largest cities in Sweden.

In the Gothenburg Archipelago sailing area, small fishing villages, colorful wooden houses and a picturesque natural landscape await you on your sailing trip. You can start in this area from Gothenburg or a little north from the smaller town of Marstrand.

The Stockholm archipelago, with its 24,000 islands, offers an extremely wide range of excursion destinations. Whether fish dishes or a glass of wine, local dishes can be enjoyed anywhere during a yacht charter in one of the bars and restaurants. The archipelago offers various opportunities for a swim stop. On the culinary side you will find a wide variety of seafood such as prawns with aioli dip, herring or oysters.

Plan your yacht charter in Baltic Sea together with us, either by mail or by phone. We will help you to find the right yacht for your needs and those of your crew or family. After booking you will receive charter folders and sailing proposals for your desired sailing area.

Off the beaten track: Finland and Estonia

If the Swedish archipelago is not enough for you, you will be spoilt for choice in Finland: The archipelago sea between the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia comprises more than 70,000 islands. It's quieter here in terms of tourism, but that doesn't mean it's any more boring. You can go hiking, cycling, try other water sports, visit museums and be inspired by the diverse cultural program of the Finns in the summer. From the base Taalintehdas you start right in the middle of it. In the inner archipelago you sail protected from stronger winds.

Estonia also offers an interesting sailing destination. The mixture of diverse history, which is still visible in many places, the spirit of optimism of the young and the peace and quiet before the streams of tourists promise a relaxing vacation full of discoveries. Especially the capital Tallinn offers a good start. For sailors, the Estonian coast offers a world of 2000 islands with beautiful nature, coziness and island traditions.

We wish you an exciting sailing trip!

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