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A yacht charter Barth takes you to the Boddenküste südlich of the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst. Über the Barther Bodden you can quickly reach the coast of the island Rügen and the open Baltic Sea. Sail in the footsteps of Klaus Störtebeker and Gödeke Michels, as the two famous pirates are said to have made their home in the Barth area. Start from the town, which has given itself the title Vineta town, a legendary town on the Baltic Sea, which is said to have once sunk in a storm tide because of its moral decay. There is a Törn from Barth into the Boddengewässer or you set sail in the direction of Baltic Sea, Dänemark or Sweden. The well-maintained marina provides a good base for your dream cruise.

Climate: temperate with temperatures from 13 to 20 degrees
. Winds: west to northwest, around Rügen north/northwest, cape effect
Sailing season: June to September

Yacht charter Barth

A yacht charter Barth takes you to a small medieval town, which has given itself the title Vineta town. Whether the legendary and sunken Vineta is really to be found at the place of today's Barth is not scientifically proven, but the history of the town is nevertheless far-reaching and especially in the old town everywhere noticeable. Alone a walk from the marina through the town is already a successful pastime. The old town with its restored town houses, past which the medieval-looking alleys lead you, is a popular vacation destination. During a visit to St. Mary's Church, an imposing brick building with its first construction phase in the 13th century, you can get a nice overview of the city, the surrounding countryside and the Bodden coast from the 55 meter high church tower. The climb up the 180 steps is worth it. The church has always served as an important landmark for sailors and it is the town's landmark. The harbor of Barth is the largest within the Bodden waters between the amber town of Ribnitz-Damgarten and Barhöft not far from Stralsund. Every year in summer the Barth harbor and sailing days take place here. Within the framework of these festive days, several regattas are held, there are traditional ships to marvel at and a colorful framework program for young and old.

The Bodden coast of Western Pomerania, which has been designated as a nature reserve for 30 years, is home to an untouched and unique natural landscape. The Bodden waters with their salinity, which is partly lower than usual for brackish water areas, offer a protected niche especially to the water inhabitants, which have specialized in this salinity. Thus, they attract breeding birds in large numbers and also provide a safe refuge for endangered species. The Bodden is also popular with migratory birds and especially in spring and autumn cranes rest here in large numbers.

The island of Rügen is not far from Barth. If you plan to sail around the popular vacation island, a start in Stralsund or Altefähr would also be a possibility. Our location in Lauterbach offers you the possibility to explore the Bodden waters of Rügen or the island of Vilm, which was reserved as a vacation destination for top politicians in GDR times. With a start from Breege, Rügen can be combined particularly nicely with a trip to the Danish South Sea or the Swedish archipelago and with the locations Greifswald or Kröslin, the Polish north coast is close by.

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