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The Slovenian Riviera in the north of Istria is not large, which is perhaps why it is so relaxed. Because of its proximity to Italy and Croatia, there are a variety of ways to explore the beauty of the Adriatic.

Climate: inland continental, on the coast Mediterranean
. Wind: Bora, Jugo/Scirocco, Maestral, Nevera
Küstenl;nge: 47 km
Sailing season: April to October


Yacht charter Slovenia

In the north of Istria, the largest peninsula of the Adriatic, a small stretch of coast belongs to Slovenia. Due to its proximity to Italy in the north and Croatia in the south, the Slovenian Riviera is a culturally diverse area - and thus a really interesting starting point for cruises in all directions. Many sailors start here to sail to Venice.

The old fishing and coastal town of Izola with its modern marina is worth a visit, especially for its Venetian architecture and the many stores run by young artists. Portoroz is a part of the municipality of Piran and enchants with quiet bays, the most beautiful sandy beach on the Slovenian Adriatic and the nearby salt pans of Sečovlje. It is also the place where Internautica, the biggest international fair on the Adriatic for nautical accessories and boats, takes place in May.

The location of our bases in Izola and Portoroz make a yacht charter Slovenia interesting for cruises throughout the Adriatic. For example, you can sail to Venice or explore the Istrian coast in a southerly direction. The border crossings in Koper and Piran are open all year round, in Izola from May to October.

Slovenia is particularly attractive due to its mild Mediterranean climate and short travel distances. So even for short trips like yacht charter Slovenia is worthwhile for clients from Southern Germany. Of course you can also choose from bases in the Croatian part of the peninsula, for more information please visit our yacht charter Adriatic page.

We wish you many interesting impressions and a lot of recreation on your Slovenia yacht charter!

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