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Greece offers sailing areas for all preferences: for beginners, family cruises, pleasure sailors and strong wind experienced. From the green islands in the Ionian Sea over the popular Cyclades to the Northern Sporades and Southern Sporades in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, active vacationers, nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, sunbathers and water sports fans will find their destination here.

Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius
Winds: Meltemi
Sailing season: May to October

Yacht Charter Greece

Greece, with its long mainland coast and a multitude of islands, offers almost unlimited possibilities for sailors. Here, you can discover new bays and beaches every day, visit picturesque harbors and fishing villages and experience dreamlike sunsets. The beautiful sailing areas of Greece promise a varied cruise and are rightly considered to be among the best cruising grounds in all of Europe. Of the more than 3,000 islands of Greece, the majority are located in the Aegean Sea. The selection of boats and yachts offered by the charter companies at our bases is as diverse as the islands themselves.

Greece means pure sun, countless islands, beautiful bays and dreamy towns with typical Mediterranean architecture, like here on Santorini © maglara/AdobeStock

Beginners and family cruises in the Saronic Gulf and Ionian Sea

Whether you are a beginner in sailing or an experienced professional, Greece's sailing areas offer the opportunity for an interesting trip for both. For beginners and families we recommend for example the Ionian Sea off the west coast of Greece and the sailing areas around the Peloponnese peninsula in the Saronic and Argolic Gulf. Both are suitable for less experienced sailors due to the easier wind conditions, the Saronic and Argolic Gulf especially in the low season. On the Peloponnese numerous small fishing villages and picturesque bays line up and also culture-loving sailors will find many interesting highlights on islands like Aegina and Hydra. Starting points are Athens or Lavrion, near Athens airport.
In the Ionian Sea there are also beautiful islands like Corfu, Lefkada and Zakynthos. In addition to white sandy beaches and many bays that promise a beautiful beach vacation, the islands here are also very green, so that excursions into nature are also recommended.

Corfu is considered one of the top destinations in Greece, especially for families. Discover the beauty of the island from the water © prosIgn/Adobe Stock

Rest and relaxation in the Northern Sporades

If you prefer quieter sailing and are looking for a sailing destination away from mass tourism, you'll find it in the Northern Sporades. With numerous secluded bays and long beaches, there are also opportunities for a relaxing beach vacation here. Islands like Skiathos and Skopelos are greener than the Cyclades. With milder temperatures as well, they are very suitable for outdoor activities. Divers will find a marine park off the eastern islands with a vibrant underwater world and shipwrecks. You can start in the protected Pagasitic Gulf from Volos or from the island of Skiathos. In spring and autumn the area is suitable for less experienced sailors. Despite the lower tourist frequency, it can get crowded in the ports in summer, as they have lower capacities than in the rest of the Aegean.

The islands of the Northern Sporades are known for their lush vegetation. The lush green stands out strongly against the blue tones of the sea. Here, for example, on the island of Skopelos © moofushi/AdobeStock

Sporty sailing between the Cyclades

Experienced sailors are drawn to the Cyclades, which in ancient times were also called the "Pearls of Hellas." If you want to start from the mainland, you'll find a nearby base in Lavrion with a wide selection of yachts. But you can also sail directly from islands like Paros or Syros. Wind and kite surfers will find good conditions on Paros and you can also sunbathe and swim at the island's various beautiful beaches. Mykonos, which is called the island of the winds, offers accordingly a demanding sailing area for sporty crews. From here it is also not far to Delos, the spiritual center of ancient Greece. Those who have longer time can also include the island of Crete in their trip. Those who want to sail in a more relaxed way can do so not far in the Saronic Gulf off Athens. Here the conditions are calmer and there are also many islands like Aegina and Salamina or Hydra.

Around the Cyclades experienced sailors will find good wind conditions so that sailing fun is not neglected! © Rawf8/AdobeStock

Island hopping in the Dodecanese and the Southern Sporades

For sun worshippers and bathing mermaids, the Southern Sporades with the island group of the Dodecanese are the right cruise destination. Short distances between the islands, many beaches, small fishing villages and a variety of sights promise variety and relaxation. Starting points are for example Rhodes and Kos. From Kos you can reach the northern islands of the group, from Rhodes you move in the southern part and can also include the Turkish coast with Marmaris and Fethiye. Here you have to think about the embarkation and disembarkation.

Use your yacht charter Greece to discover the picturesque places on the islands. Stroll through the narrow streets, such as here in Lindos on Rhodes. © oleg_p_100/AdobeStock

The best time to travel in Greece

The best time to travel is from May to October. Especially when it is still or already quite cool in Germany, you can enjoy pleasantly warm temperatures here. Outside this time you can also sail, but the weather conditions are then not optimal and the tourist offers are limited. Especially the Meltemi determines the sailing here. Even if the translations and origins of the word speak of "gentle" and "light" wind, in the summer months especially in the Cyclades can reach around 8 Beaufort. Therefore, especially less experienced sailors should choose their area carefully (see above) and start with the Saronic Gulf in the low season or the Ionian Sea.

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