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With a yacht charter Netherlands you enter the land of waterways with great sailing and water sports areas. With the IJsselmeer, the Frisian marginal seas or the cozy inland regions, sport boat lovers of all kinds will find suitable conditions for a successful charter trip.

The IJsselmeer can be reached quickly from Germany and offers a very good infrastructure with the connected Markermeer and a lot of places worth seeing for a one-week trip. You can even plan a city trip directly to Amsterdam. Due to the short journey, the area is also very suitable for long weekends and the easy sailing conditions are ideal for beginners and relaxed family cruises. The water sports centers of Lemmer and Hindeloopen are ideal as starting ports. Demanding conditions prevail for sporty crews in the North Sea and the English Channel, where you can also set sail directly from Yerseke and Cadsand.

Climate: temperate with temperatures from 14 to 25 degrees
Winds: southwest/west wind
Season: May to October

Yacht charter Netherlands

In Netherlands you have several options to spend your vacation on the water. For relaxed coastal sailing the protected lakes IJsselmeer and Markermeer are popular destinations, which are also suitable for beginners and families, or as an experienced crew you can sail in the Dutch Wadden Sea and the North Sea.

Attractive destinations for a yacht charter Netherlands are not only the coastal regions, but also inland waterways and lakes, which are still used for private purposes by the locals. Therefore many sights and attractions are located directly on the waterways and can easily be reached by boat. There are standing mast routes that you can also sail on.

Netherlands is an ideal base for any kind of charter. Due to the short journey from Germany to Netherlands it is also good to spend a weekend or even a holiday in Netherlands.

Coastal sailing in Netherlands

Experience the water sports paradise IJsselmeer and Markermeer

The IJsselmeer together with the Markermeer is the most popular sailing area in the Netherlands. The historic harbor towns from the time when the IJsselmeer was still connected to the North Sea still exude the old seashore charm, while modern marinas offer extensive services for yachts.

Very short distances and easy navigation also contribute to a pleasant charter experience for any sailing level. However, you should be aware that unsettled weather can change the otherwise calm IJsselmeer with southwesterly winds of 5 Beaufort and above and thunderstorm fronts to high swells, which can make entering some harbors difficult.

For example, a typical week's route can go from Lemmer via Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Makkum, Medemblik and Enkhuizen. In the towns there you can enjoy cheese markets, fishing tradition and beautiful beaches. In case of heavy weather or total calm it is always worthwhile on a yacht charter Netherlands to use the inland routes, which you can sail with a standing mast. From Lemmer for example over the Grote Brekken to De Kufurd over the Jeltesled into the Heegermeer and further on to Stavoren.

You can reach the area of the adjacent Markermeer via a lock. Here you will find more traditional harbor towns like Hoorn, Edam, Monnickendam and Lelystad. Two special features characterize the image of the lake: the Marker Watt, an artificially washed up natural archipelago, and the Gouwzee Bay off Volendam and Monnickendam are destinations worth visiting in the Markenmeer area. A visit to the capital Amsterdam is also possible via the great Het IJ. North of the center you will find several marinas. From here it is also possible to continue the Standing Mast route to the North Sea.

Out to sea - West Frisian Islands, North Sea and Wadden Sea

Ambitious territory can be found on the North Sea with the West Frisian Islands or the Wadden Sea, where navigating becomes more demanding due to the prevailing tides, stronger winds and swell. The nearby area of the English Channel is additionally characterized by high shipping traffic. Nevertheless, you will find deceleration on the West Frisian islands, as the area is not overrun with tourists. The West Frisian islands in the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea around Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling in the Wadden Sea are attractive destinations where you can find peace on beaches and dune landscapes as well as visit some charming sights. The island of Texel is a small paradise for all beach vacationers, where a 30 km long sandy beach awaits you. Starting ports directly at the North Sea are Yerseke and Cadsand.

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