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Belgium has only 70 kilometers of coastline, but the Belgians take advantage of it. Along the coast there are many seaside resorts and beaches with long beaches. The Belgian North Sea is popular with sailors and water sports enthusiasts, but also challenging due to strong currents and tides. Those starting in the west can continue their trip to Northern France or England; to the east, the Netherlands with its inland seas beckon.

Climate: temperateäßigt with temperatures between 5 and 18 degrees
. Winds:West winds
Sailing season: May to September

Yacht charter Belgium

Along the coast, wide sandy beaches stretch across the country, so there are many seaside resorts with a long tradition. They have developed from former fishing villages and some further into cities with important harbors and modern marinas. Therefore, most of them have a good infrastructure and are located in short distances from each other. In terms of landscape, the picture is ambivalent, because the beaches along the towns are less beautiful also chains of high-rise buildings, which were built for the holidaymakers in the last century. On the other hand, the sandy beaches stretch for miles and everyone can find a suitable spot. Towards the west there are also beautiful pronounced dune landscapes, where you can walk on established paths. Belgium also has cities with well-preserved medieval centers. Foremost and best preserved in Europe is the city center of Bruges. You should visit this city on your cruise, even if it is a little bit inland. From our base in Zeebrugge, the city can be easily reached by public transport or you can make a stop here on your way. The city also holds a wealth of interesting museums, not only art museums with the works of Old Flemish masters. From Zeebrugge, the Netherlands with protected waters such as the Veerse Meer or Oosterschelde are not far.
In the west of Belgium, Nieuwpoort has developed into the sailing center of the country with a wide range of possibilities for water sports enthusiasts. Those who start from here can continue their trip along the northern French coast or, with the appropriate experience, sail through the English Channel towards England.

The Gulf Stream brings mild temperatures to the area. The tidal range and strong currents make sailing here challenging, as rivers from England, Belgium and Germany bring movement to the Belgian North Sea. In addition, there is heavy shipping traffic and container ships and ferries cross when entering and leaving ports.

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