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Norway does not attract with the temperatures that one enjoys so much in the south, but just because of that a special landscape could develop here, which yacht charterers who like to be in nature and appreciate outdoor activities should experience. In the west, the ice age has created an impressive landscape: Deep fjords stretch into the land between steeply rising mountains. On the coast there are scattered islands, in the south in the form of shores and in the north with steep cliffs and mountains up to 1000 meters high. Our stützpunkte in Tromsø and in Lofoten as well as in Bergen and Haugesund are located in the middle of such natural paradises.

Climate: temperateä&airfield;igt with temperatures between 10 and 22 degrees
Küste: 3000 km plus fjords
Sailing season: June to August

Yacht charter Norway

Norway is a popular destination due to its landscape and for outdoor enthusiasts. Yacht charterers can experience the island worlds and fjord landscapes from the perspective of the Vikings, who lived in the areas around our bases in the 9th century. A constant companion on a cruise in Northern Norway in summertime is the midnight sun. Due to the Gulf Stream, temperatures here are milder compared to other places on the latitude. Despite the fact that the weather is drier in the summer, clothing-wise you should be prepared for anything.
Food and entertainment are more expensive in Norway than in Germany. If you have the opportunity to bring food, you should do so. Anglers can also, within the regulations, at least provide themselves with fish. Flights to the west coast and the north are usually with a change, to the popular vacation destinations there are also direct flights in the summer. In Norway, the common means of payment is still the Norwegian krone. The country is also not part of the European Union. Entry and import regulations can be found on the page of the Foreign Office.

In the footsteps of the Vikings in impressive fjord landscapes - on a yacht charter Norway

Sailing and boating on Norway's coast brings certain challenges, therefore the area is more suitable for experienced sailors and motor yacht drivers. The coast can rise quickly, there can be strong currents and the seas can rise quickly even with just a few Beaufort. Also, the weather can change quickly. More sheltered waters are offered by the archipelagos and the fjords. You will be rewarded with an impressive landscape, which is very varied from the North Cape to the Skagerrak in the south. Also special are the many coastal inlets in the west with the typical fjords, which in turn offer opportunities for exploration by boat and lead into the interior.

As in Finland and Sweden, Norway also has archipelago landscapes, for example on the southwest coast. A contrast between the rather flat archipelagos are trips to the fjords. Here you sail between high mountains with bizarre rock formations hanging from the cliffs. If you would like to combine a nature vacation with a city trip, you can start from our base in Hjellestad. It is located near the city of Bergen with its colorful wooden houses from the Hanseatic era as well as in the middle of an archipelago. For a change of pace from the islands, check out the nearby Hardangerfjord. Those more interested in fjord scenery will find several options a little further south from Haugesund. Here, several fjords lead inland, including Lysefjord with its famous rock overhang, Preikestolen. The region is also popular with anglers.

Our base Svolvær is located directly in the beautiful island landscape of Lofoten. In this natural paradise, outdoor enthusiasts get their money's worth. There are hardly any marinas, but rather fishing and nature harbors. The waters around the islands are also a popular spot for various whale species, which can be seen here in summer.
Tromsø, the largest city in the north, is located in the middle of an archipelago. The city is spread over several islands. Many things here advertise that it is the northernmost in the world: whether cathedral, university or brewery. As the last major stop before the Arctic, museums and information centers deal with life in the polar region, its animals and the legendary polar expeditions that started from here.

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