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The historic city of Pula in northern Croatia is easily accessible by car from Germany and a popular starting point among sailors due to its location at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula. Sailors can launch from the ACI Marina in the heart of the city and thus visit the impressive amphitheater located near the marina, for example, before or after sailing. Or you can start in the neighboring Veruda Bay, where several marinas have settled – including the large Marina Veruda.

There are opportunities to go sailing in all directions: To the north, you can discover the Istrian coast with its picturesque historical places like Rovinji, Vrsar and Porec. In the other direction, after Cape Premantura and the magnificent Porerim lighthouse, the islands of the Kvarner Bay such as Rab, Cres, Mali Lošinj and Krk await you just around the corner. In the south, the irresistible and enchanting world of a thousand islands, islets and bays of Dalmatia with the Kornati islands is just around the corner.

Sailing along the Istrian coast from Pula or another location there is ideal for beginners and crews who want to reach interesting destinations in short time. In general, Croatia is one of the top destinations for sailors of all experience levels.

Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures around 24 degrees
. Winds: Mistral, Jugo, Bora, Nevera
Sailing season: May to September


Yacht charter Pula:

Pula is located in the region of Istria and is the largest city in this section of Croatia. The city combines probably everything that the tourist heart desires, like hardly any other. Here you can find culture right next to the beach, art under cypress trees, good food and the best wine. Already in Roman times the city was an administrative center. Conquered by the Romans in the first century B.C., the city's importance as a trading center grew rapidly. Even today, the city's amphitheater impresses with its exceptionally good state of preservation and testifies to the city's former importance. Those who want to learn more about Pula's history can visit the city's archaeological museum.

If you want to experience the modern flair of the city, head towards the city market and the market hall. Here you can find countless cafes and restaurants, people are on the streets and reflect the life of Pula. The Museum of Modern Art of Istria is located right near the port and is a meeting place for artists and art lovers of contemporary art trends of the region. If you are in Pula in the evening, you can witness another modern art project in the harbor: "Lighting Giants" is a light installation on the harbor cranes, which are staged for 15 minutes every evening.

Don't miss the city's Roman amphitheater when taking off from Pula © kaycco/AdobeStock

Getting there:

You can reach Pula by plane via Pula Airport. Depending on which marina you start from, there is a connection by bus or cab. You can also order a transfer through our customer area. Also a journey by car is uncomplicated. From Munich to Pula there are 650 kilometers of well-developed highway. In the summer months, however, the route is usually very busy, which is why traffic jams can occur. We will gladly inform you about the parking possibilities at the respective marina.

Island hopping combined with city trips

1 week: Pula - Cres - Losinj - Premuda - Zadar - Rab - Krk - Pula

If you turn south from Pula, you will reach the Kvarner Bay after a short drive. Situated between Istria in the west and the Croatian mainland in the east, the area is still a popular vacation destination. Cities like Rijeka and Opatja offer beautiful destinations for city breaks and the islands in Kvarner promise quiet bays and crystal clear water.

The island of Rab is one of the most famous islands in the region and is also considered one of the most beautiful with its forested hills.

On Krk, the seaside resorts of Njivice and Malinska, which nestle harmoniously in the vineyards, are especially popular and are visited by a large number of visitors every year. The island of Cres is a meeting place for sailors, the west coast of the island offers good protection from the bora and it is also possible to sail around the island.

From Cres the island of Losinj is the closest. In Mali Losinj, the largest place on the island, there is a marina, but around the island there are also a large number of bays, some of which are also good for overnight stays. If Neptune is merciful to you, on the west coast of the island of Losinj, with luck, you will have the opportunity to see dolphins.

The island of Premuda is already part of the Zadar archipelago. The small island is especially popular with divers. The diving spot "Cathedral" is located in the bay Široka in the southeast of the island. The cave system is suitable for experienced divers.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, you are in luck on the island Ist, which is located south of Premuda. It has been spared from tourism so far, is car-free and has a small harbor on the south side, where it can get uncomfortable when the bora comes up. In the village itself there is a small konoba for refreshments. Otherwise, there are several quiet bays around the island, where you can spend the afternoon in the cool water.

If you want to combine your sailing trip through Kvarner with a city trip, you can sail to Zadar. The northern Dalmatian city is famous for its old town. Here, its 3000-year history comes together to form a great whole and offers enough cultural, historical and culinary program for an extended day trip.

With their small bays, the many islands always offer spots for an undisturbed afternoon at anchor, like here on the coast of Cres. © volff/AdobeStock

Along the coast of Istria

1 week: Pula - Rovinj - Novigrad - Poreč - Vrsar - Veli Brijuni - Pula
With more time: Izola (Slovenia)

Discover the treasures of Istria on a yacht charter from Pula heading north. Especially for sailing novices the coast of Istria is a relaxing sailing area. The notorious bora occurs here, if at all, as a weakened and offshore wind and causes no swell near the coast. A small drawback is the fact that there are not many undisturbed anchorages on Istria's coast. In return, however, there is a well-developed network of modern marinas.

Just a little north of Pula, close to the mainland, lies the Brijuni archipelago. A total of 14 islands belong to it, which are under nature protection. Only the main island Veli Brijun can be visited on your own and you can only moor in the harbor there. Here there is a large hotel complex and an animal park. The Yugoslavian statesman Tito had established this there. The other islands can be visited on guided tours.

The small town of Rovinj with its waterfront, several cafes and restaurants is a good place to stop. Especially when it gets cooler towards evening, the hustle and bustle in the small town increases. Enjoy the evening atmosphere with a traditional Istrian dish of fish or seafood, such as lignje na zaru - grilled calamari - or black risotto with squid (crni rizot). Accompanied by a glass of wine from the region, you will spend an unforgettable evening.

Vrsar, located on the Limski Canal, offers a sculpture workshop for interested people in an old quarry not far from the town every year at the end of September. For those who prefer to leave it to true artists, the sculpture park of Dusan Dzamonjas offers exhibits by the Zagreb-born sculptor.

For active vacationers, the nature park along the Limski Canal has a well-developed network of hiking and biking trails. In the north of Istria, Poreč is another town with a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Euphrasius Basilica from the 6th century is considered one of the best preserved testimonies of early Christian architecture. The old town and the town's waterfront are also perfect for a short sightseeing tour.

Novigrad is a town in the north of Istria, not far from the border with Slovenia. The marina in the town is well developed and the town itself has become more and more famous for tourism in recent years. Nevertheless, it has retained the special charm of an Istrian fishing village.

If you have more time, you can also include Slovenia in your cruise from here. The towns of Portorož or Izola offer themselves as ports of call in the Slovenian Adriatic Sea with their marinas.

Discover on a yacht charter Pula the town of Poreč. Not only is the 6th century basilica enchanting, the town has a very special charm.© samopauser/AdobeStock

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