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Originally the city of Primošten was located on an island, today it is connected to the mainland by a causeway. Centrally located between Šibenik and Split, two of Croatia's most popular spots are open to them from here: Towards Northern Dalmatia Šibenik and Zadar with the island of Murter and the Kornati Islands, or Central Dalmatia with the islands around Hvar and Brač and the Küstenstädten Trogir and Split, whose flair offers a successful change from island hopping.

With a launch from Primošten, the Croatian Adriatic and its island world are open to sailors of any experience level. Whether sailing as a family or a group of friends, every crew will find their own personal dream vacation on a charter yacht along the Croatian coastline.

Climate: Mediterranean with temperatures around 24 degrees
. Winds: Mistral, Jugo, Bora
Sailing season: May to September

Yacht charter Primošten

Originally Primošten was a small island in the immediate vicinity of the mainland. At first the place was connected with the mainland by a mobile bridge, later it was replaced by a dike. Therefore, in 1564 the place got its present name after the verb "primostiti", which means "to bridge".

The former fishing village with its beautiful old town (Raduča) is now a popular cruising destination in central Dalmatia. The old town with its many narrow streets is car-free from 12 noon. You can get a beautiful view from the highest point, here stands the 15th century parish church of Sv.Juraj (St. George). The town is surrounded by the town wall built in the 17th century. Sailors often called Primošten "the dry cape" because of the long periods of drought that prevail here.

If you are looking for some sports or cultural activities before you set off, you will find them in Primošten. The sports and recreational offer is varied and includes tennis, table tennis, bowling and beach volleyball. From mid-June to mid-September there are concerts, folklore and festivals every evening. Those who feel like boisterous partying and dancing may find something for everyone in the crew at the largest disco in Dalmatia, "Aurora", with several dance floors.

The well-protected marina Kremik is located barely 2 km south of Primošten and has been awarded the Blue Flag, which is given to marinas with exemplary environmental management and services. The marina has about 400 berths at sea and another 140 on land. In the marina itself there is a supermarket and a restaurant, in Primošten you have the choice of about 50 other restaurants and wine bars. A speciality of the region is lobster Primošten style.

Before you take off, stroll around town a bit and explore the many picturesque corners of Primošten. © pkazmierczak/AdobeStock


You can reach Primošten by plane via the airport in Split. It is only 35 kilometers away. If necessary, you can order a transfer from the airport to the marina via our customer area. Primošten is also easy to reach by car. From Munich there are just over 800 kilometers ahead of you. Keep in mind that in the high season the routes to Croatia are often very busy. Paid parking is available at the Kremik marina.

Towards the south: Historical highlights and dreamlike island worlds

1 week: Primošten - Split - Brač - Korčula - Mljet - Hvar - Primošten

Turning south from Primošten, you are in for a journey through the history of Central Dalmatia.
Today's Kaštela is part of a fortification from the 15th and 16th centuries. Along a stretch of 16 kilometers, a total of 13 fortifications were built along the coast to defend against Turkish attacks. Stop in Kaštela and visit the local fort.

Not far away is Split, the largest of Dalmatia's cities. With a history of over 1700 years, it has quite a few cultural monuments to offer. Diocletian's Palace is one of them and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The islands off Split offer a nice contrast to the coastal cities.

The island of Brač is especially known for the Golden Horn, a white pebble beach near the town of Bol, which is especially popular with windsurfers due to its shallow waters and consistent wind conditions.

Things are quieter on Korčula. There are no parties here, but a large number of secluded bays where, with a little luck, you can stay alone for a whole day and enjoy undisturbed bathing fun.

Mljet, an island of the southern Dalmatian archipelago, impresses with its beauty due to its unusually dense green vegetation for Croatian islands. Especially the national park in the northwest is recommended. In 2021, Forbes magazine even ranked the island among the top 5 most popular Mediterranean islands.

The neighboring island of Hvar is in no way inferior to Brač in terms of beaches and natural beauty. However, the island is better known for its party life, so it is said that the eponymous capital in the west of the island would never sleep during the summer months.

It might as well be the Caribbean, but it's "the golden horn" a white pebble beach on the island of Brač © Biletskiy Evgeniy/AdobeStock

One of the most popular sailing destinations in Croatia - the Kornati islands.

1 week: Primošten - Šibenik - create your own personal route through the Kornati islands - Primošten

2 weeks: Even for a longer cruise, the Kornati islands offer enough choice. You can also plan a visit to Zadar or Biograd.

From Primošten to the north, no less interesting cities and impressive island worlds await you than on a cruise to the south. Less than 20 nautical miles lie between Primošten and Šibenik. The town at the mouth of the Krka River is often called the "Gateway to the Kornati Islands". So set off from Primošten to the natural paradise of Kornati Nature Park and Telašćica Nature Park. You can find more detailed information about this route on our location page Šibenik.

You already know the island world and the coastline of Croatia? Then take a look at what Greece has to offer. There, too, the sailing conditions are mostly suitable for all levels of experience and there, too, you will find destinations suitable for extensive island hopping, not only for families a balanced kind of sailing vacation.

With its many islands and countless bays, the Kornati islands are among the most popular sailing destinations in Croatia ©xbrchx/AdobeStock

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